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Change begins in your

unconscious mind.

Remove your old programming and redesign your life to be the

one you want to live.

Grief Recovery Coach

Grief is a natural emotion to loss. Grief doesn't have to be a way of life. Break free and move forward.

Brain Change Facilitator

Willpower. Affirmations. Determination. Until your unconscious mind believes in the goal, none of these will work.

Trauma & Emotional Release

Significant Emotional Events - They shape your views, your reactions, and the result of the ongoing programming can hold you back from a life you love.

Get Control of Your Mind, Body, and Emotions

Create new programs - Live a new life

Grief Recovery Program

Our 8 session programs take you through the process of understanding your grief reactions and creating a path to move forward in your life. Groups for loss of spouse or significant other, pets, and divorce.

Trauma Reversal

Trauma happens. Expected, like the death of a loved one after an illness. Or unexpected, like an accident or severe weather. Trauma could be ongoing, or an incident. Whatever the trauma, it IS possible to break through to a better life.

Changing Habits & Beliefs

Our brain is a powerful computer. The programs were created from birth to 7 years old and are stored in your unconscious mind. Programming that was once useful may now be outdated. Change the program and you can eliminate old habits and limiting beliefs.



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If you are under the care of a licensed medical or mental health provider, you will need a referral form.

Each session is highly individualized to facilitate a positive experience. Payment in full is due at time of scheduling. If cancellation or rescheduling is needed, please give 24 hours’ notice in order to avoid a no show or cancellation fee. We know clients are much more engaged and achieve superior results when they are fully invested. Commit to yourself and your healing.

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